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If there is no current event in your calendar, you can press any of the colored buttons, and the phone will be placed in the selected mode for one (1) hour from “now.” Click twice and you select 2 hours, and so forth.

TelphCon Widget

The exception is Flight mode cell mode flight mode which will keep the phone in Flight Mode until you press any of the other mode buttons. The cell mode normal button places the phone back in “normal” mode.

If you pressed the Vibrating mode cell mode vibrate or if there is an event (busy) in your calendar, it will look like this in the Widget. You can change the TelphCon level for the current event by pressing any other button.

TelphCon Widget

By clicking on the event line below the buttons, you will get to the App, where you can “fine tune” an event.

How to handle your Calendar?

cell mode reminder  Level 4 – reminder
Entering an event in the calendar where you are “available” allows TelphCon to give you a “buzz” reminder at the correct start time. Your phone will continue to “ring” as “normal”.

cell mode vibrate  Level 3 – vibrate
By entering a “normal” event in the calendar, the default will probably block the time of the event and indicate that you are “busy”. The TelphCon will automatically place your cell in vibrating mode during the time you are “busy.” At the stop time of the event, your cell will automatically revert to “normal” again.

cell mode silent  Level 2 – silent
If you enter # (hash) at the beginning of the event (title) text, the TelphCon will place the phone in “dead silence” mode between the start and stop time of the event. At the stop time, the phone will automatically revert to “normal” mode.

cell mode flight mode  Level 1 – flight mode
Enter _ (underscore) at the beginning of the event (title) text, and the TelphCon App will place your cell in flight mode at the starting time of the event. There is no stop time for a Level 1 event because you don’t want your cell to revert to “normal” if you have a delayed arrival time. Press cell button normal mode in the Widget or App when you land and you are “back in business!”